Selected Laws of the Levanda Index: 

    Laws of the 17th century

         Alexei Michailovich (r. 1645-1676)

             #3. March 7, 1655  About expulsion of Lithuanians and Jews from Kaluga to Nizhny Novgorod

             #4. June 30, 1658  About the confirmation of the rights given to the citizens of Vilna by the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and the Polish kings.

    Laws of the 18th century

         Catherine I (r. 1725-1727)

             #12. March 14, 1727 About the Expulsion from Russia of the Jews Borkh and Leybov, and removal of Jews from tavern keeping in Zverovichy.

             #13. April 26, 1727 On the Expulsion of Jews from Russia and observation that they do not remove gold and silver coins with them.

         Anna Iovannovna (r. 1730-1740)

             #21. August 18, 1739 On the prohibition of Jews to keep taverns in Malorossia and give them anything in rent.

             #22July 11, 1740 On the expulsion of Jews living in Malorossia

         Elizabeth Petrovna (r. 1741-1762)

             #23. December 2, 1742 On expulsion from Great Russia and Little Russia all Jews except for those accepting Christian faith.

             #24. December 16, 1743 About the interdict for Jews to live in Russia.

             #25. January 25, 1744 About exile abroad of Jews in Little and White Russia, and prohibition of their return for trading at fairs.

         Catherine II (r. 1762-1796)

             #28. November 16, 1769 On the rights granted to Volokhs, Greeks, Armenians and the Schismatics to reside and about the Jews to settle in

             Novorossiya's Provinces

             #42. December 23, 1791 On granting of rights of citizenship to Jews in Ekaterinoslav Namestnichestvo and the Taurida Region.

             #43. June 23, 1794  About the collections from those Jews enrolled in merchant class in cities of taxes twice that of Christians.

         Paul I (r. 1796-1801)

             #50. June 23, 1797 On the collection of a double tax on Jews, who are enrolling into the merchant class and the bourgeoisie.          

             #51. September 8, 1797 About the non-extrication of Jews from Kamenets-Podolsk.

    Laws of the 19th century

         Paul I (r. 1796-1801)

             #56. May 1, 1800  About the dispatch of the Jews for the non-payment of a three-year tax, as well as vagrants of foreign origin.

         Alexander I (r. 1801-1825)

             # 59.  December 9, 1804  Regulation on Settlement of Jews. Exact (Nominal) given to the Senate.

             #104. November 29, 1821 On the prohibition for Jews to keep pubs in the Chernigov Gubernia.

             #111. April 11, 1823  On the resettlement of Jews keeping taverns, and postal stations in Mogilev and Vitebsk Gubernias.

             #124. June 30, 1825  Additional orders regarding the removal of Jews from the border by 50 versts.

             #125. June 30, 1825  About banning the Jews from Settling in the Astrakhan Province and Caucasus Region

         Nicolas I (r. 1825-1855)

             #164. December 2, 1827  On the resettlement of the Jews of Grodno province from villages to cities and mestechkos.

             #165  December 2, 1827  On the prohibition of the permanent stay of Jews in Kiev and about their expulsion from it.

             #183. December 28, 1828  On the prohibibion of Jews coming out of the Kingdom of Poland to settle in Russia.

             #190. May 24, 1829  About the means of reducing the number of Jews in Courland and Livonia

             #201. November 20, 1829  On the prohibition of non-servicemen Jews to have permanent stay in the cities of Sevastopol and Nikolayev.

             #207. April 15, 1830  About the postponement of expulsion of the Jews, who own real estate, from Kiev.

             #208. June 10, 1830  About the measures for the resettlement of Jews from Sevastopol and Nikolaev.

             #304. April 13, 1835  The Highest approved Statute about the Jews promulgated on May 31st. [PALE OF SETTLEMENT]

             #361. January 15, 1838  About expelling passport-less Jews from the capitals

             #475. April 20, 1843  Aboutt the removal of Jews living within fifty-five versts from the [western] border

             #479. November 5, 1843  On the order of tracing and expelling Jews and searching for their properties

             #484. January 10, 1844  About the resettlement of Jews living fifty-versts from the border with Austria and Prussia

             #612. January 18, 1850  On the expulsion of runaway Jews from Russia and Austria