Baranowitschi - S29

  • Year: 1917
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Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:


Baranowitschi   Baranavichy [Bel], Baranovichi [Rus], Baranowicze [Pol], Baranovich [Yid], Baranawitschy [Ger],

Baranovičiai [Lith], Baranovitch, Baranovitsh, Baranovits, Baranovitsh, Baranoviche, Baranavičy JewishGen Locality Page Yizkor Book Yizkor Book History


Nowaja Mysch  Novaya Mysh' [Bel], Nowa Mysz [Pol], Mysh Nova [Rus], Mush [Yid], Mush Khodesh, Nova Muzh, Mysz Nowa, Novaja Myš,

Myš Novaja JewishGen Locality page


Stwolowitschi  Stolovichi [Rus], Stołowicze [Pol], Stolevitch [Yid], Stałovičy [Bel], Stolowitschi [Ger], Stvolovichi, Stwołowicze, Stoloviche JewishGen Locality Page


Ljachowitschi  Lyakhavichy [Bel], Lyakhovichi [Rus], Lachowicze [Pol], Lechovitz [Yid], Lekhevitsh, Lechowitz, Lechovich,

Lachovitch, Liachovitch, Lakhovits, Lyakhoviche, Lachavičy, Ljachovicy, Lachovici JewishGen Locality Page Yizkor Book Large scale map showing two J cemeteries and a synagogue