Rudnik U. Ranizow - K40

  • Year: 1915
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Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:



Bojanów [Pol], Boyanuv JewishGen Locality Page


Jeżowe [Pol], Yezhove JewishGen Locality Page


Kamień [Pol] JewishGen Locality Page


Raniżów [Pol], Ranischau [Ger], Ranizov [Yid], Reinzov, Raisnov JewishGen Locality Page


Rudnik  Rudnik nad Sanem [Pol], Rudnik [Pol, until 1997], Ridnik [Yid], Rudnik-al-nehar-San [Heb], Rudnyk-nad-Syanom [Ukr], Riduk JewishGen Locality Page


Ulanow  Ulanów [Pol], Ulanov [Yid], Ulianiv [Ukr], Ulyanuv, Uleinov, Ilenev, Ulanuw JewishGen Locality Page


Wola Żarczycka [Pol] JewishGen Locality Page