Suwalki - M25

Suwalki - M25

  • Year: Unknown
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Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:


Jeleniewo  Jeleniewo [Pol], Yelenevo [Rus] JewishGen Locality Page


Kaletnik  [Pol, Rus] JewishGen Locality Page


Krasnopol  Krasnopol [Pol, Yid], Krasnapolis [Lith], Krasnopol' [Rus] JewishGen Locality Page


Punsk  Puńsk [Pol], Punsk [Yid], Pun'sk [Rus], Punskas [Lith] JewishGen Locality Page


Suwalki  Suwałki [Pol], Suvalk [Yid], Suvalki [Rus], Suvalkai [Lith], Suwalken [Ger], Sudauen [Ger, 1941-44] JewishGen Locality Page Yizkor Book Yizkor Book History