Szawle - M18

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Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:


Podubis  Padubysys [Lith], Bazilionai [Lith], Bazilyan [Yid], Podubis' [Rus], Podubiś [Pol], Padubysis, Padubysio, Padubisio,

Padubisiai, Bazilënay, Bazyliany, Bazilainiai JewishGen Locality Page


Szawkiany  Šaukėnai [Lith], Shukian [Yid], Shavkyany [Rus], Szawkiany [Pol], Shavk JewishGen Locality Page


Szawle  Šiauliai [Lith], Shavl [Yid], Shavli [Rus], Schaulen [Ger], Szawle [Pol], Šauļi [Latv], Shavel, Schavli, Shawli,

Shaulyai, Shiaulai, Silaliai, Šiaulių, Šiaulē JewishGen Locality Page Yizkor Book History The Ban on Births in the Shavli Ghetto