Borodianka - XXII-8

  • Year: 1868
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Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:


Бородянка  Borodyanka [Rus], Borodjanka [Ukr], Barodeinka [Yid], Borodzianka [Pol], Borodianka

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Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia -  Borodyanka (Borodianka or Borodzianka)  in the era of Polish rule, the town of the

Kyiv province and povet (in 1778 and 1784 Zhytomyr povet). In the 18th century B. passed into the possession of Evstakhiy

Pototsky (died in 1765), under whom Jews began to settle. This colony of Jews was named after Potocki's wife Marianna

"Maryampol'em". A synagogue was soon built. The chief Volyn kahal imposed taxes on B. and other places in Ukraine,

according to the old distribution (before the wars of 1768), while Jewish. the population of B. during this time has

significantly decreased. The Borodyansky kahal turned to Pototsky with a request to intercede for him before the Kurovsky

rabbi, the general clerk of the Jews in the Crown. In 1782 B. was sold to Vikenty Pototsky, during which the Jews owned 38

houses. According to the censuses, it was listed in the Borodyansk Kahal in 1765 - 353 Jews, in 1775 in the whole kahal 273

in 1778 - 48 in B., 102 in the Dymir kahal and 67 in the Gornostaipol kahal, and in 1784 in the Borodyansk kahal - 265. The

number of houses in B. for the last three censuses - 12, 13 and 24. - Wed .: Słownik geograficzny, v.

Ι; "Arch. Southwest Russia”, part V, vol. II, 1 and 2.

Now - m. Kyiv district and province. In 1847, the Borodyansk Hebrew. the society was 650 souls; according to the 1897

census. 2705, of which 621 Heb. — Wed: M—n, “Ust. heb. general.


Игнатовка  Hnativka [Ukr], Ignatovka [Rus], Anatovka [Yid], Ihnatówka [Pol], Gnatovka

Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia   Ignatovka -  A locality in the Kiev district and province. In 1847 "Ignatovka Jewish society”

consisted of 511 souls; in 1897 there lived 1,093, of which 926 were Jews.  


Макаров  Makariv [Ukr], Makarov [Rus], Makarev [Yid], Makarów [Pol]

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Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  Makarov - in the era of the Commonwealth, the town of the Kiev province and district. 

In 1765, there were 217 poll tax payers in the kahal. 

Now - a place in the Kyiv province. and county. According to the revision of 1847 “Mac. Jewish society” consisted of 848 souls; 

according to the 1897 census in M. zhit. 5330, among which 3953 Heb. In 1910 - an exemplary Talmud Torah. M. residence

Makar. tzaddiks.


Рожевъ  Rozhiv [Ukr], Rozhev [Rus], Rożów [Pol]

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Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  Rozhev is a town in Kiev province, Radomysl district. According to the revision of 1847

“Rozhevsk Hebrew society" consisted of 257 souls. According to the census of 1897, there were 2,065 inhabitants in Rozhev, among

them 610 Jews.


Гостомль  Hostomel' [Ukr], Gostomel' [Rus], Hostomlia [Yid], Hostoml [Pol], Hostomla, Gostoml', Gostomyl

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Ясногородка   Yasnohorodka [Ukr], Yasnogorodka [Rus], Yasnerotke [Yid], Jasnohorodka [Pol], Iasnohorodka

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Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  Yasnogorodka is a place in the Kiev province and county. According to

the revision of 1847, the Yasnogorod Jewish Society consisted of 658 souls. According to the 1897

census in Ya. there were 1614 people, among them 624 Jews.