Beresteczko Und Szczurowice - m3

Beresteczko Und Szczurowice - m3

Beresteczko Und Szczurowice - m3

  • Year: 1877
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Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:


Beresteczko  Berestechko [Rus, Ukr], Beresteczko [Pol], Berestetchka [Yid], Brestetshke, Brestitski JewishGen Locality Page History


Boremelj  Baremel' [Ukr], Boremel [Pol], Boromel [Yid], Boreml, Boremla, Beremelia, Mochalivka, Mikhailovka, Michałówka JewishGen Locality Page


Mikolajow  Mikolayuv [Rus], Mikołajów [Pol], Mykolayiv [Ukr], Nikolayev, Nikolayev (near Radekhov) JewishGen Locality Page


Strzemilcze  Stremil'che [Ukr, Rus], Strzemilcze [Pol], Stremiltsh [Yid], Stshemil'che, Stremilts JewishGen Locality Page


Szczurowice  Shchurovichi [Ukr, Rus], Szczurowice [Pol], Shtervitz [Yid], Scurovyci, Shchurovitse, Shtruvits JewishGen Locality Page


Zawidcze  Zavidche [Rus], Zawidcze [Pol], Zavitsh [Yid] JewishGen Locality Page  Yizkor Book


From the Second Military Survey of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Found at: