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  • Year: 1900
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Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:


Bendzin  Będzin [Pol], Bendin [Yid], Bendsburg [Ger, 1939-45], Bendzin [Ger, Rus] JewishGen Locality Page History History


Beuthen  Bytom [Pol], Beuthen [Ger], Bitom [Cz], Bithomia [Lat], Bethania, Beuthen Oberschlesien JewishGen Locality Page KehilaLink History


Czeladz  Czeladź [Pol], Chelodz [Yid], Cheliadz' [Rus], Czeladź Piaski JewishGen Locality Page History


Dabrowa  Dąbrowa Górnicza [Pol], Dombrova [Yid], Dombrowa [Ger], Dabrova Gornicha, Dambrova Gurnicha, Dombrava

Gornitsha, Dombrowa Gornicza, Dombrove Gur JewishGen Locality Page History Dabrowa Ghetto


Golonog  Gołonóg [Pol] JewishGen Locality Page


Grodziec JewishGen Locality Page


Katowice  Katowice [Pol], Kattowitz [Ger], Katovice [Cz], Stalinogród [Pol, 1953-56] JewishGen Locality Page,cemeteries/1832,the-jewish-cemetery-in-katowice-16-kozielska-street-/ Jewish Cemetery History History


Konigshutte  Chorzów [Pol], Królewska Huta [Pol], Königshütte [Ger], Cherzów JewishGen Locality Page


Laurahutte  Siemianowice Slaskie [Pol], Siemianowitz [Ger] Siemianowice [Pol, bef 1924] Huta Laura [Pol, bef 1924], Laurahütte [Ger] JewishGen Locality Page


Siewierz  Siewierz [Pol], Syevyezh [Rus], Sewerien [Ger], Shevyezh, Sieviezh, Sievers JewishGen Locality Page


Sosnowiec  Sosnowiec [Pol], Sosnovets [Yid], Sosnovitze [Rus], Sosnovice, Sosnovits, Sosnovitz, Sosnovyets, Sosnowez JewishGen Locality Page History  Yizkor Book


Strzemieszyce Wielkie  Strzemieszyce Big [Pol], Stizhemeshitz [Yid], Strzemieszyce JewishGen Locality Page Yizkor Book


Tarnowitz  Tarnowskie Góry [Pol], Tarnowitz [Ger], Tarnovich [Yid], Tarnovské Hory [Cz], Montes Tarnovicenses [Lat], Tarnovice JewishGen Locality Page


Zagorze  Zagórze [Pol] JewishGen Locality Page Yizkor Book


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