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Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:


Birze  Birzai [Lith], Birzh [Yid], Birzhi [Rus], Birze [Pol], Birzi [Latv], Birsen [Ger], Birzā, Berzai JewishGen Locality Page


Kryniczyn  Krinčinas [Lith], Krintshin [Yid], Krinichin [Rus], Kryniczyn [Pol], Krikchinas, Krinchinas, Krinčino, Krinchin JewishGen Locality Page


Kirkily  Kirkilai [Lith], Kirklyay [Rus], Kirkilų JewishGen Locality Page


Poswol   Pasvalys [Lith], Posvol [Rus, Yid], Poswol [Pol, Ger], Pasvale [Latv], Pasvul, Posvul, Pasvalīs, Pasvalio JewishGen Locality Page KehilaLink


Salaty  Saločiai [Lith], Salat [Yid], Sataly [Rus], Sałaty [Pol], Salati, Saločių, Salochyay, Salochay, Selt JewishGen Locality Page