Brustura - k11

  • Year: 1877
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Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:


Brustura  Lopukhiv [Ukr], Brusztura [Hun], Brister [Yid], Lopukhov [Rus], Brustury [Cz], Brustura, Brusztára, Lopuchiw, Lopuhiv JewishGen Locality Page


Konigsfeld  Ust'-Chorna [Ukr, Rus], Királymező [Hun], Usť-Čorna [Slov], Kenigsfeld [Yid], Königsfeld [Ger], Ust-Czorna

[Pol], Regiopolis [Lat], Ustchorne, Ustčorna, Usť Čorné, Usťčorna, Uszty-Csorna, Ust-Tschorna JewishGen Locality Page


Ruska Mokra  Rus'ka Mokra [Ukr], Russkaya Mokraya [Rus], Ruská Mokrá [Slov], Oroszmokra [Hun], Mokra Russki [Yid],

Russisch-Mokra [Ger], Rusish Mokre, Russkaya Mokra, Ruszka Mokra JewishGen Locality Page


From the Second Military Survey of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Found at: