Dunilowicze - U21

  • Year: 1917
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Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:


Dunilowicze  Dunilavičy [Bel], Dunilovichi [Rus], Duniłowicze [Pol], Dunilovitsh [Yid], Danileviciai [Lith], Duniłavičy,

Dunilavichy, Dunilovicy, Duniloviche, Dunalovitch, Danilevitch

http://data.jewishgen.org/wconnect/wc.dll?jg~jgsys~community~-1942754 JewishGen Locality Page


Postawy  Pastavy [Bel], Postavy [Rus], Postawy [Pol], Postov [Yid], Pastovys [Lith], Postav, Postavi, Postow

http://data.jewishgen.org/wconnect/wc.dll?jg~jgsys~community~-1947709 JewishGen Locality Page