Hliboka - o12

  • Year: 1915
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Hliboka - o12


Sources on Jewish Communities in this secton:


Hliboka  (not a Jewish community)

Nowosielica  Novoselytsya [Ukr], Noua Suliţă [Rom], Novoselitz [Yid], Novosel'tsy [Rus], Nowosielica [Pol], Nowoselyzja

[Ger], Novo Selitsa, Novoselica, Novoselitsy, Sulita, Nuvaselitz, Noua Sulitsa, Noua-Suliţă, Novoselycja

http://data.jewishgen.org/wconnect/wc.dll?jg~jgsys~community~-1048544 JewishGen Locality Page

http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/Novoseltsy1/Novoseltsy1.html Yizkor Book

http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/pinkas_romania/rom2_00368.html Yizkor Book


Herta  Hertsa [Ukr], Herţa [Rom], Gertsa [Rus], Herza [Ger], Herca [Cz, Pol], Hertza, Khertsa,Gherța

http://data.jewishgen.org/wconnect/wc.dll?jg~jgsys~community~-1038957 JewishGen Locality Page


Lukawitza  Lukovitsa [Rus], Lukovycja [Ukr], Lucoviţa [Rom], Lukawitza [Ger], Łukawica [Pol], Lukowitza, Lukavitsa, Lukovytsia

http://data.jewishgen.org/wconnect/wc.dll?jg~jgsys~community~-1045210 JewishGen Locality Page