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  • Year: 1878
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Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:


Annopolj  Annopol [Pol], Anapol [Yid], Annopol (Lublin), Annopol-Rachów, Rachów-Annopol JewishGen Locality Page Yizkor Book


Chwalowice  (Not a Jewish community but the largest town in the small area of Galicia present in the southeast corner of  this section.

The national border is represented intermittantly between this northern tip of Galicia and Russia.)


Krasnik  Kraśnik [Pol], Krashnik [Yid], Krasnik [Rus], Koshnik, Kroshnik, Krushnik JewishGen Locality Page Yizkor Book


Urzendow  Urzędów [Pol], Orzendov [Yid], Uzhenduv [Rus], Urzendov, Urzendow, Uzhendov JewishGen Locality Page


Zaklikow  Zaklików [Pol], Zoklikov [Yid], Zaklikuv [Rus], Zakilkov, Zaklików Tartak JewishGen Locality Page


Zawichost  Zawichost [Pol], Zavikhost [Rus], Zavikhvist [Yid], Zavichost, Zavichvost JewishGen Locality Page