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  • Year: 1877
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Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:


Jaworow  Yavoriv [Ukr], Jaworów [Pol], Yavorov [Yid, Rus], Jaworiw [Ger], Javorov, Javoriv, Iavoriv JewishGen Locality Page History


Krakowiec  Krakovets' [Ukr], Krakowiec [Pol], Krakovits [Yid], Krakowitz [Ger], Krakovets [Rus], Krakovec', Krakoweć, Krakowez JewishGen Locality Page


Mosciska  Mostys'ka [Ukr], Mościska [Pol], Moshtshisk [Yid], Mostiska [Rus], Moshchiska, Mos'tsiska JewishGen Locality Page


From the Second Military Survey of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Found at: