Nowo Alexandrowsk - S19

Nowo Alexandrowsk - S19

  • Year: 1917
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Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:


Antolepty  Antalieptė [Lith], Antalept [Yid], Antolepty [Rus, Pol], Antalepte, Antolieptė, Antolepty, Antaliyepte, Antalieptės JewishGen Locality Page


Dukschty  Dūkštas [Lith], Duksht [Yid, Rus], Dukszty [Pol], Dukshty, Dukshtas, Dūkšts JewishGen Locality Page


Nowo-Alexandrowsk  Zarasai [Lith], Ezsherene [Yid], Novo-Aleksandrovsk [Rus, 1836-1918], Jeziorosy [Pol], Sarasen

[Ger], Ezerėnai [Lith, 1919-29], Ezhereni [Yid], Ezherena, Ezherene, Ezreni, Novo Alexandrovsk JewishGen Locality Page Yizkor Book Yizkor Book


Soloki  Salakas [Lith], Salok [Yid], Soloki [Rus], Sołoki [Pol], Salako, Salaks JewishGen Locality Page