Ropczyce Und Debica - f4

  • Year: 1878
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Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:


Debica  Dębica [Pol], Dembitz [Yid, Ger], Debitsa, Dembica, Dembits, Dembitsa, Dembiza JewishGen Locality Page Yizkor Book Yizkor Book


Kolbuszowa  Kolbuszowa [Pol], Kolbushov [Yid], Kolbasuv, Kolbishov, Kolbushova, Kolbuszowa Dolna JewishGen Locality Page Yizkor Book


Przeclaw  Przecław [Pol], Pshetzlov [Yid] JewishGen Locality Page


Ropczyce  Ropczyce [Pol], Ropshits [Yid], Ropschitze [Ger], Ropchitse, Ropshitz JewishGen Locality Page Yizkor Book Yizkor Book


Rzochow  Rzochów [Pol], Rizchov [Yid] JewishGen Locality Page


Sediziszow  Sędziszów Małopolski [Pol], Sendeshov [Yid], Sędziszów, Sęziszów, Sendishev, Sendziszov, Shendeshov JewishGen Locality Page



From the Second Military Survey of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Found at: