Salanty - J17

Salanty - J17

  • Year: 1915
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Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:


Masiady  Mosėdis [Lith], Maisyad [Yid], Masiady [Rus, Pol], Maisiad, Mashadi, Maishad, Meisad, Mosėdzio, Muosiedis JewishGen Locality Page


Plotele  Plateliai [Lith], Plotel [Yid], Ploteli [Rus], Płotele [Pol], Platelyay, Platelyai, Platelių JewishGen Locality Page


Salanty  Salantai [Lith], Salant [Yid], Salanty [Rus], Sałanty [Pol], Selent, Sałantaj, Skilándziai, Salantų, Salantay, Salontā JewishGen Locality Page KehilaLink