Zagory - M16

  • Year: 1914
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Zagory - M16


Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:


Alt Autz  Auce [Latv], Autz [Ger], Oitz [Yid], Aucė [Lith], Auc [Pol], Alt-Autz, Alt-Oytch, Autse, Vecauce JewishGen Locality Page


Klikole  Klykoliai [Lith], Klikol [Yid], Klikl [Yid], Klikoli [Rus], Klikole [Pol], Klikul, Klykuolių, Klikolyay Yizkor Book JewishGen Locality Page


Zagory  Zagarė [Lith], Zhager [Yid], Zhagare [Rus], Schagarren [Ger], Zagare [Latv], Zagory [Pol], Zhagar, Zager, Zagarės JewishGen Locality Page Yizkor Book KehilaLink


Wegiery  Vegeriai [Lith], Veger [Yid], Vegeryay [Rus], Wegiery [Pol], Wegeri, Vegerių JewishGen Locality Page