Zalosce - n5

  • Year: 1877
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Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:


Nowo Aleksinec  Novyy Oleksinets [Rus], Nowy Oleksiniec [Pol], Aleksnitz [Yid], Oleksinets Novy, Olekiniec-Nowy, Novyy

Aleksinets, Nove-Oleksynec', Novyolekcenez JewishGen Locality Page


Wisznewec  Vishnevets [Rus], Wiśniowiec [Pol], Vishnivits [Yid], Vyshnivets' [Ukr], Vishnevits, Vishniets, Vishnivitz,

Vishnyovyets, Wisnievicze, Wiśniowiec Nowy, Wisnowiec, Vysnivec JewishGen Locality Page Yizkor Book KehilaLink


Zalosce  Zaliztsi [Ukr], Założce [Pol], Zalozhtsy [Rus], Zilozitz [Yid], Zalozhtsy-Stare, Zalozhtse, Zalos'tse Stare, Załośce,

Zaliztsy, Zaloscie, Zaloshts, Zalozhtza, Zalozitz, Zalozci JewishGen Locality Page Yizkor Book



From the Second Military Survey of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Found at: