Intermediate Scale series Maps: 1812-1915


Carte de la Russie Européenne

Map of European Russia


Scale 1:500,000



Index image with title and symbol legend at upper left.


    Специальная карты Европейской России

     Spetsial'noj karty Evropejskoj Rossii
     Special maps of European Russia   I. Strelbitsky 1865-1915
     Scale 1:420,000. 

Found online at The University of Karlovy Digital Library; additional sheets here.


From the Library of Congress catalog:



World War 1 era, colored maps  by  the Austrian military at the scale of 1:400,000.  Types of terrain are distinguished and relief is depicted by shading and some spot heights. Thus these maps are mildly topographic. Most of European Russia is included except the Baltic region. National and provincial boundaries are present, however these regions are not specifically named. Community population information is given via several symbols. Some military symbols are included as well as navigation information on the passability of waterways. Rail routes are prominent. This set extends farther east than the Pale of Settlement boundary. Sheets for the northern Pale are lacking.

(Old) Library of Congress Catalog no. G6965 s400 .A9


Sources: RCIN  and The Library of Congress.