Late 18th-Early 19th C. Topographic



Many of the maps in this tab originated shortly after the last Partition of Poland in 1795. We might think of them as "proto" topographic since the display of

relief is limited by use of shading and/or hachures. Later around the turn of the 19th century contour lines and spot heights (numerical elevations) largely

replaced hachures in issues like the Karte des westlichen Russlands and Karte des Deutschen Reiches. However, the increased accuracy and detail of

symbols in the series here make them essentially topographic. Symbols relating to Jewish life are scant in these images. 



Regna Galiciae et Lodomeriae

J. Liesganig (1794)


Scale= 1:288,000


The skills of the cartographer and engraver are on display with the shading of hills

in perspective, revealing the topography. 


Full file (download)


From the National Library of Poland 



Carte von West Galizien

A.M. von Heldensfeld  (1808)


Scale= 1:172,800


Full file (download)


Courtesy of the David Rumsey Collection


Karte von Ost Preussen nebst Preussisch Litthauen

und West Preussen nebst dem Netzdistrict 

F.L. von Schroetter (1796-1802)


Scale= 1:150,000


Index image


A set of 25 maps completed between 1802 and 1812. Several types of terrain are

depicted and some topographic relief is shown by the use of hachures. A symbol

legend is found on sheet II-Schakuhnen. Sheet XXIII-Niedenburg contains an inset

of Konigsberg, the capital of East Prussia. Sheet VIII-Baldenburg contains an inset

of the city of Danzig.




Here is a composite courtesy of the David Rumsey collection.

Neu Ost Preussen-Herztogthums Warschau

nebst dem Russischen District

D.F. Sotzman (1806-1808)


Scale= 1:150,000


Index image in section IV-Szczuczyn


Courtesy of the Library of Congress and

Topographisch-militairischer Atlas von Schlesien 

Verlag des Geographischen Instituts Weimar  (1809)


Scale= 1: 200,000


Title sheet contains a legend in German and French


Source: Wroclaw University Digital Library

Uibersichts Karte von Galizien 

Tranquillo Mollo (1820)


Scale = 1:145,000


Index image


Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Семитопографическая Карта Иностраннымъ Владѣніямъ

по Западной Границѣ Россійской Имперіи

     (Semitopograficeskaja Karta Innostrannym Vladeniam po Zapadnoj
      Granice Rossijskoj Imperii)

Semi-topographical map of Foreign Territories along the Western Borders of the

Russian Empire     Karl Oppermann (1811-1820) 




Index image


Title sheet at uppermost right of index contains a symbol legend, regional color key

and a list of Polish wojwodstwo and oblasti (provinces and regions or counties).

Sheets are variously joined. 



   Topografičeskaâ karta Carstva Pol'skago

Topographic Maps of the Kingdom of Poland  

Karol Richter  (1839)


Scale= 1:126,000


Index image


Title sheet and index contain a few inscriptions in Cyrillic but maps are Romanized.

Section II-8 Slawkow contains a legend in Polish, Russian

and French.