Provincial and County Maps & Atlases


Maps in this section cover the provinces of Central and Eastern Europe from the late 18th through the early 20th centuries. Many links to encyclopedia

articles have been placed at the page of the Geographic Atlas of The Russian Empire, below.

In the Survey of the Russian Empire from 1792, are found descriptions of provincial boundaries, terrain and resources, with a listing of principal towns.

Here is a Russian Gazetteer and Guide from 1919 with narrative information on geographical divisions, natural resources, industries and  populations

of the provinces and over 300 towns and cities.


   Provincial Maps of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1784-1795)


   Atlas des Roiaumes de Galicie et de Lodomerie (1790)


   Atlas of the Western Russian Empire (1787)


   Atlas of the Russian Empire (1792)


   Atlas of the Russian Empire (1794)


   Atlas of the Russian Empire (1800)


   Atlas of the Russian Empire (1802)


   Geographic Atlas of the Russian Empire, Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Finland (1821)


   Atlas of the population of western Russia (1864)


   Detailed Atlas of the Russian Empire with plans of major citles (1871, 1876)


   Colberg Atlas of Congress Poland (1826)


   Bansemer Atlas of Poland-Lithuania (1837)


   Die europaisch-russischen Grenzlander (1856)


   Carl Wolff's Historischer Atlas (1877)


   Letts's Popular Atlas of Russia (1883)


   County Maps of The Kingdom of Hungary