Regional Maps of Eastern Europe



     Maps in this section are small in scale, including portions, or all of specific countries in Central/Eastern Europe.  Wolff's atlas includes eighteen maps

beginning at the year 500 and finishing with a map depicting the continent in 1871.  Maps of the Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth range fromthe 15th C.

to 1772.  After the partition period most of the maps linked below detail the shape of countries during the 19th century with a few exceptions.


The Changing borders of Europe through the centuries

Carl Wolff's Historischer Atlas (1877)


The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth


The Partitions of Poland-Lithuania

The Duchy of Warsaw


The Russian Empire

The Russo-Turkish Wars

European Russia

Area Maps of Western Russia

The Congress Kingdom of Poland



The Austrian Empire

  Maps of the Empire

Galicia, Bukovina

Hungary, Transylvania, Croatia, Slavonia

Bohemia, Moravia


The Prussian Empire

East Prussia




The Balkan States

Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria


The Inter- War Period

Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia and the Balkans