Mapping The Pale of Jewish Settlement

To view the development of the Pale of Settlement click various map "layers" [check boxes] in the Toggle layers menu following a layer at a time

from top to bottom. The three Partitions can be opened to show the portion of the Pale that came from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The

southwest part of the Pale seen in the 1795 view, resulted from acquisitions of Cossak lands in the 17th century and victories of the Russo-Turkish

wars of the 18th century, well before the partition period. The Astrakhan province (off map) was added to the Pale in 1804 and removed in 1825.


The hand drawn borders of the developing Pale are approximations based on atlas maps of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.  

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The base historical map by Alexander Keith Johnston, 1893, is courtesy of  David Rumsey.