The Duchy of Warsaw

    The Duchy of Warsaw (PolishKsięstwo WarszawskieFrenchDuché de VarsovieGermanHerzogtum Warschau) was a Polish state established

by Napoleon I in 1807 from the Polish lands ceded by the Kingdom of Prussia under the terms of the Treaties of Tilsit. The duchy was held in personal

union by one of Napoleon's allies,  King Frederick Augustus I  of Saxony.  Following Napoleon's failed invasion of Russia,  the duchy was occupied by

Prussian and Russian troops until 1815,  when it was formally partitioned between the two countries at the  Congress of Vienna.  It covered the central

and eastern part of present Poland and minor parts of present Lithuania and Belarus.


    In 1809, a short war with Austria started. Although the Duchy of Warsaw won the Battle of Raszyn,  Austrian troops entered Warsaw,  but Duchy and

French forces then outflanked their enemy and captured  KrakówLwów  and some of the areas annexed by Austria in the  Partitions of Poland.  During

the war,  the German colonists settled by Prussia during Partitions,  openly rose up against the Polish government.[2]   After the Battle of Wagram,  the

ensuing  Treaty of Schönbrunn  allowed for  a  significant expansion of the  Duchy's territory southwards absorbing the third  Austrian partition known as 

west Galicia, thus regaining once-Polish and Lithuanian lands.


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Poland in 1807 after the Treaty of Tilsit (1837) Jan Marcin Bansemer


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Courtesy of the Biblioteka Jagiellonska Cracow

Generale-Charte-Herzogthume-Warschau (1808) Kunzel


Full file view (download)


Generalkarte vom Konigreich Preussen und Herzogthum Warschau (1807) Sotzmann


Full file view (download)

Source: The National Library of Poland

Poland in 1809 after the Treaty of Schonbrunn (1837) Jan Marcin Bansemer


Courtesy of the Biblioteka Jagiellonska Cracow

The Second Duchy of Warsaw 1809 (1831) A.H. Dufour, Leonard Chodzko

From the:  Atlas historique, politique et statistique de la Pologne ancienne et moderne indiquant ses divers demembremens

et partages: dediee a Joachim Lelewel.


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Mappa Xięstwa Warszawskiego : dziesięć departamentów podzielonych w sto powiatów  (1811)

Map of the Duchy of Warsaw: ten departments divided into 100 counties


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Source:The National Library of Poland

Karte vom Herzogthum Warschau (1812) F.B. Englehardt




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Source: The National Library of Poland