Posen  (Poznań)


     Province of Prussia; formerly a part of the kingdom of Poland, it was annexed by the former country after the partition of the latter in 1772 and 1793. In the first half of the thirteenth century, when the Germans crossed the frontier and began to settle in the territory of Posen, a large number of Jews seem to have come with them. Even before that time, however, Jews were living in Great Poland, which covered a somewhat larger area than the modern province of Posen. Thus they are mentioned as residents of Deutsch-Krone in the eleventh century, of Gnesen in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, and of Meseritz inthe fourteenth century.

     The dates of the first allusions to Jews in the principal cities of Great Poland are as follows: Kalisz, 1354; Posen, 1379; Peisern, 1386; Schmiegel,1415; Inowrazlaw (Hohensalza), 1447; Schneidemühl, sixteenth century; Lenczyee, 1517; Schwerin-on-the-Warta, 1520; Bromberg, 1525; Fraustadt, 1526;Lowicz, about 1537; Prime, 1553; Brzeaz, 1555; Petrikau, 1555; Exin, 1559; Schrimm, 1573; Lissa, 1580 or shortly afterward; Schwersenz, 1590; Neustadt,1595; Grätz, 1597; Kempen, seventeenth century, shortly after the founding of the city: Wronke, 1607; Warsaw, 1608; Krotoschin, 1617; Wreschen, 1621;Pakosch, 1624; Samter, 1626; Kolo, 1629; Fordon, 1633; Jarotschin, 1637; Nakel, 1641; Filehne, 1655; Kobylin, 1656; Rogasen, 1656; Lask, 1685;Wollstein, 1690; Rawitsch, 1692; Obornik, 1696; and Goslin, 1698.


By: Gotthard DeutschLouis Lewin

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