Selections from the Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia 1908-1913


The Brockhaus and Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  was the first encyclopedia published in the Russian Empire dedicated "to Jewry and its culture in the past and present." The encyclopedia was published in 16 volumes in the years 1908-1913 in St. Petersburg by the Society for Scientific Jewish Publications and Brockhaus-Efron Publishing House and contains over 20,000 articlesIt is based on the Jewish Encyclopedia " published in New York in 1901-1906Baron D. Gunzburg and Dr. L. Katsnelson provided active assistance in financing and editing the encyclopedia. In Soviet times, the Jewish Encyclopedia was not reprinted. Many prominent representatives of Russian Jewish studies, and Hebraic and Oriental studies took part in the work of the encyclopedia: A. Garkavi, D. Gunzburg, Y. Gessen, S. Dubnov, I. Markon and N. Perferkovich.

In 1991, the Terra publishing house carried out a reprint of the encyclopedia.

It can be found on-line here:Еврейская_энциклопедия_Брокгауза_и_Ефрона

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History of Jewish Life and the Pale of Settlement in Imperial Russia


        Jews in Russia since 1772: A General Historical Overview

       The Residence and Movement of Jews Under Russian Law

       The Eviction of Jews in Russia

       Residence Permit in Russia

       The Ghetto In Russia


Imperial History and the Pale of Settlement


        Alexey Michailovich

       Anna Iovannovna

       Elizabeth Petrovna

       Catherine II

       Alexander I