Bielsk - XVII-2

  • Year: 1866
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Sources on Jewish Communities in this section:


Бельскъ  Bielsk Podlaski [Pol], Byelsk [Yid], Bielsk, Bilsk, Bielsko Podlaskie, Byelsk Podlaski, Bielsk-Podliask JewishGen Locality Page


Орля  Orla [Pol, Rus, Yid] JewishGen Locality Page


Боцки  Boćki [Pol], Bodki [Yid], Bochki [Rus], Bozki, Boczki JewishGen Locality Page


Клещели  Kleszczele [Pol], Kleshtchel [Yid], Kleshchele [Rus], Klashcheli [Bel], Klėtelė [Lith], Klesheli, Kleshcheli JewishGen Locality Page


Брянскъ  Brańsk [Pol], Braynsk [Yid], Bran'sk [Rus], Breinsk, Brainsk JewishGen Locality Page


Нарев  Narew [Pol], Narev [Yid, Rus], Narva [Bel, Ukr], Naraŭ [Bel], Narevas [Lith] JewishGen Locality Page


Мелеичищы  Milejczyce [Pol], Milaytchitz [Yid], Miliechitse [Rus], Mileičicė [Lith] JewishGen Locality Page


Плисище  Abramovo [Rus], Abramowo [Pol], Plesiszcze

JewishGen Locality Page


Наревka  Narewka [Pol], Narevka [Rus, Lith], Narevke [Yid], Naraŭka [Bel], Narewka Mała

JewishGen Locality Page