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  • Year: 1875
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Sources on Jewish communities in this section:


Рафаловка  Rafalivka [Ukr], Rafalovka [Rus], Rafałówka [Pol], Rafalefke [Yid]  

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Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  Rafalovka is a town in Volyn province, Lutsk district. According to the revision of 1847 “Rafalovetsk

Jewish community" consisted of 644 souls. According to the 1897 census, the population in R. was 2,038, among which were 1,054 Jews.


Кашовка  Kashivka [Ukr], Kashovka [Rus], Kaszówka [Pol], Kashofka [Yid], Kaschowka [Ger], Kashuvka  

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Мельница  Mel'nytsya [Ukr], Mel'nitsa [Rus], Mielnica [Pol], Melnitza [Yid], Melnitsah, Mel'nycja 

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Кол. Олизарка  Koloniya Olizarka, Olizarka, Ulizerka, Kolonia Olizarka   

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Brockhaus-Efron Jeweish Encyclopedia  Olizarka is a Jewish agricultural settlement in the Volyn province, Lutsk district, Rafalovka volost. 

Founded in 1849. Initially, 60 families of village Jews, quite wealthy, settled; received benefits; but soon went bankrupt. By 1872, only 32

families remained. In 1898 there were 254 souls of the indigenous (Jewish) population, who had 144 acres of land. Agriculture is a secondary

occupation; the colonists are almost all masons.


Чарторийск  Staryi Chortoryis'k [Ukr], Staryy Chartoriysk [Rus], Czartorysk [Pol], Chartorisk [Yid], Staryj Cortoryjs'k, Chartorysk,


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Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  Czartorysk  - in the era of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, a town in the Volyn Voivodeship,

Lutsk Povet. In 1765 there were 473 Jews.

Nowadays it is a town in Volyn province, Lutsk district. According to the revision of 1847, the Chartorian Jewish Society consisted of 364 souls. 

According to the 1897 census, population in Ch. was 2,776, among them 822 Jews.


Лишневка  Lishnëvka [Ukr], Liszniówka [Pol], Lishniovka [Rus], Lishnivka [Yid], Lishnivkah [Heb], Lishnyuvka, Lysnivka, Lisnovka

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Градиск  Hradys'k [Ukr], Gradysk [Rus, Pol]

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Маневичи  Prylisne [Ukr], Prilesnoye [Rus, since 1964], Manevichi [Rus, until 1964], Maniewicze [Pol], Monevitch [Yid], Manewytschi [Ger],

Manivits, Manyevits, Manyevich, Manyevichi, Monavitz  

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Трояновка Troyanivka [Ukr, Yid], Troyanovka [Rus], Trojanówka [Pol], Troyanuvka  

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Гулевичи  Hulivka [Ukr], Gulevichi [Rus], Hulewicze [Pol], Hulewiczów, Gulevich, Guleviche, Khuleviche

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Стобихва  Stobykhva [Rus], Stobychwa [Pol], Stabichov [Yid], Stobykhovka

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Повурськ  Povors'k [Ukr], Povorsk [Rus], Powórsk [Pol], Paversk [Yid], Povursk, Powursk

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