Rzhishchev - XXIII-9

  • Year: 1869
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Ржищев  Rzhyshchiv [Ukr], Rzhishchëv [Rus], Rzhishchev [Yid], Rzyszczów [Pol], Rzhyschiv, Rzysciv, Reshishtshev,

Rschyschtschiw, Orzistchov, Irzyszczów

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Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia Market town (shtetl) of Kiev province and county. In the 1847

census "Rzhischevsk Jewish community" consisted of a 1543 souls. According to the 1897 census R. contains a population of

11,629 including 6,008 Jews. In 1910, the initial two-year public Heb. School existed. Rzhishchev was the seat of the tzaddik.


Кагарлыкъ  Kagarlyk [Rus], Kaharlyk [Ukr], Karlik [Yid], Kahorlik [Pol], Kagorlyk

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Воронковъ  Voronkov [Rus, Yid], Voron'kiv [Ukr], Worońkow [Pol]

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Обуховъ  Obukhov [Rus], Obukhiv [Ukr], Obuchów [Pol], Obukhow, Obuchiv

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Германовка  Hermanivka [Ukr], Germanovka [Rus], Krasnoye-2 [Rus, 1946-87], Hermanovka [Yid], Hermanówka

[Pol], Krasnoye, Germanowka

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Василевъ  Vasyliv [Ukr], Vasil'ev [Rus], Wasylów [Pol], Vasil'yev, Vasilevo

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