Bazaliya - XXXIII-21

Bazaliya - XXXIII-21

  • Year: 1927
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Базалия  Bazaliya [Rus, Ukr], Bazilia [Yid, Pol], Bazalija, Baziliye  

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Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  In 1795 Bazalya was transformed into a district town of Podolsk Gubernia, but in 1797 it was left as a

state town (in 1797 in Bazalya there were 16 Jewish merchants  and 1.209 petty bourgeois). According to the census of 1847 the Jewish

community of B. consisted of 924 souls; according to the census of 1897 the town had 3,362 inhabitants, of which 820 Jews and about 2,500

Russian Orthodox. In 1852 the petition of many B. Jews submitted to the Minister of Internal Affairs against oppression by the husband of the

township owner (Ledukhovskaya) it was stated that Jews from olden times were settled in B. and the owners always treated them rather friendly.


Купель  Kupil' [Ukr], Kupel' [Rus], Kupil [Yid], Kupiel [Pol]  

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