Brichany - XXXVIII-22

  • Year: 1916
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Бричаны  Brichany [Rus], Briceni [Rom], Britshan [Yid], Bryczany [Pol], Bricheni, Briceni-Târg, Bricheni Targ, Briceni Sat, Bricheni Sat,

Berchan, Brichon, Britshani  

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Липканы  Lipcani [Rom, Mold], Lipkany [Rus, Pol], Lipkan [Yid], Lipkon, Lipcani Târg, Lipcany  

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Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  Lipkany is a town in Bessarabia province, Khotyn district. According to the revision of 1847 “Lipk.

Jewish community" consisted of 313 families. According to the 1897 census, there was a population in L. of 6,865, of which 4,410 were Jews


Гриманкауцы  Grimăncăuţi [Rom], Grimankautsy [Rus], Grimankoutsy, Grimankauts'-Bayya

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