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Биттень  Byten' [Rus], Byteń [Pol], Biten [Yid], Bycień [Bel], Buten'

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Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  Byten - during the era of Polish rule, a town in the Vilna Voivodeship, Slonim Povet. 

According to the census of 1766, there were 273 Jews in the B-Kahal.

Nowadays (1910) it is a town in Slonim district, Grodno province; in 1847 the Byten Jewish community consistedof 573 souls; 

According to the 1897 census, there were 2,682 inhabitants, of whom 1,614 were Jews.


Locations in this section from the gazetteer: Where Once We Walked (2002), Avotaynu Inc.


Zarech'ye, Mironim, Kolbovichi