Dorsunishki - XIII-16

  • Year: 1914
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Sources on Jewish settlements in this section:


Дoрсунишки  Darsūniškis [Lith], Dorsunishki [Rus], Darshunishok [Yid], Dorsuniszki [Pol], Dersunishki, Darsūniškių, Darsunishkis,


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Стоклишки  Stakliškės [Lith], Stoklishok [Yid], Stoklishki [Rus], Stokliszki [Pol], Stakliškių, Staklėškės, Staklishkes

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Покоине  Pakuonis [Lith], Pakon [Yid], Pokojnie [Pol], Pakuonio

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Бирштаны  Birštonas [Lith], Birshtan [Yid], Birshtany [Rus], Birsztany [Pol], Birschton [Ger], Birshton, Birshtonas, Birštonas-Kurortas,

Birštono, Bėrštuons

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Езно  Jieznas [Lith], Yezne [Yid], Ezno [Rus], Jezno [Pol], Jezna, Yezna, Yeznas, Eznas, Iyeznas, Jeznas  

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Пуни  Punia [Lith], Puni [Rus], Poon [Yid], Punie [Pol], Punya, Punios

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Бутрыманцы  Butrimonys [Lith], Butrimantz [Yid], Butrimantsy [Rus], Butrymańce [Pol], Butramentz [Ger], Baltremantz, Butrimontz,

Butrymańcy, Butrimantsi, Butrimonis, Butrimance, Butrimonių, Butrėmuonīs  

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Locations in this section from the gazetteer: Where Once We Walked (2002), Avotaynu Inc.