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  • Year: 1928
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Фастов  Fastov [Rus], Fastiv [Ukr], Chvostov [Yid], Chwastów [Pol], Fastów [Pol], Fastiw [Ger]

JewishGen Locality Page

Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  Fastov (formerly Khvastov) - in the era of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, a town in the Kiev

Voivodeship and Povet. In the 18th century F. was often attacked by the Haidamaks. Thus, the Jews were devastated in 1750 and suffered

again in 1752. A particularlysevere blow was dealt to the Jews in 1768 during the so-called. Koliivshchina. In 1763, Jews paid 600 zł. Polish 

poll tax.

Nowadays it is a town in Kyiv province, Vasilkovsky district. According to the revision of 1847, the “Fastov Jewish Society” consisted of

2,694 souls. According to the 1897 census in F. there were 10,728 inhabitants, among them 5,595 Jews.


Fastov Jews suffered a terrible pogrom in September of 1919, see here.


Васильков  Vasil'kov [Rus], Vasyl’kiv [Ukr], Vasilikov [Yid], Wasylków [Pol], Vasylkov, Wasilkow, Wassilkow, Wassylkiw, Wasylkiw

(the western half of the town is shown)

JewishGen Locality Page

Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  Vasilkov is a district town in the Kiev province. Belonging to Russia since 1686, V. was in the

possession of the Kiev-Pechersk Monastery until 1785, when it came under the jurisdiction of the treasury; in 1796 it was made a district city. 

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Червонянская евр. кол.  Chervonianskaya Heb. Kol. (a few miles south-east of Fastov)

Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  Chervonyanskaya is a Jewish agricultural colony in Kiev province, Vasilkovsky uyezd. It was founded

in 1851 on state land. In 1898 there were 44 families of native Jewish population, 312 souls. The colonists use 378 desatins of land.