Kamenets Litovsk - XXII-15

  • Year: 1920
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Каменець Литовскйи  Kamyanyets [Bel], Kamenets [Rus], Kamieniec Litewski [Pol], Kamenets Litovsk [Yid],

Kamianiec, Kameniec, Kamenetz, Komenitz, Komenitz D Lita, Kamyenyets Litevski, Kamenets-Litevski, Kamenets-


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Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia


Замостье  Zamosty [Rus, Pol, Bel], Zamost'ye  

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Лотово  Lotovo [Rus], Łotowo [Pol], Łotowa  

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