Keidany - X-15

  • Year: 1898
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Sources on Jewish settlements in this section:


Кейданы  Kėdainiai [Lith], Keidan [Yid], Keidany [Rus], Kiejdany [Pol], Kedahnen [Ger], Kēdaiņi [Latv], Kedainai, Kaidan, Keydan, Kuidany

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Кроки  Krakės [Lith], Krok [Yid], Kroki [Rus, Pol], Krakių, Krake, Krakias, Krakies

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Датново  Dotnuva [Lith], Dotnovo [Rus], Dotneva [Yid], Datnów [Pol], Dotnau [Ger], Datnuva, Datnovo, Dotnava, Datneve, Datnove

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Locations in this section from the gazetteer: Where Once We Walked (2002), Avotaynu Inc.


Berzai, Berzele (Berzhalka)*, Pelednagiai, Paupis (F. Antonovo)*, Pernarava


*As spelled on the map.