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Колки  Kolky [Ukr], Kolki [Rus], Kołki [Pol], Kolke [Yid], Kolk [Yid, Ger]  

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Brochaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  Kolki - in the era of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, a town in the Volyn Voivodeship, Lutsk Povet. 

Jews who lived here in the first half of the 17th century suffered during the Khmelnytskyi period. In 1650, 6 Jews remained with intact houses.

Nowadays (~1910) it is a town in the Lutsk district of the Volyn province. According to the revision of 1847 “Kolk. Jewish community" consisted

of 1,593 souls; according to the 1897 census in K. there were 4,394 inhabitants, of which 2,537 were Jews.