Korets - XXIX-22

  • Year: 1909
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Корец  Korets [Ukr, Rus], Korzec [Pol], Koretz [Yid], Koritz, Korec, Koric, Korzets, Korzhets, Korzysc  

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Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  Korets - in the era of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth a place in Volyn voivodeship, Lutsk district.

Jews suffered during the era of Khmelnitsky; in 1655 only 10 houses remained. In 1765 there were 937 poll tax payers in the Korets. kagal.

Nowadays (~1910) it is a locality of Novograd-Volynsky uyezd of Volyn province. According to the revision of 1847 "Kor. Jewish community"

consisted of 3.832 souls. According to the census of 1897 there were 6,060 inhabitants, of which 4,608 were Jews. - During the fire in 1881 all

13 prayer houses that existed here were burnt down, of which the oldest was 200 years old, the Bet ha-midrash was 100 years old; gradually

these prayer houses were rebuilt; among them six belong to the Hasidim and are called Tzadiks - Chernobyl, Berezhensky, etc. In the cemetery

there are monuments which, according to tradition, are at least 300 years old. The pinkus of the old burial fraternity (chevra kadisha) burned in

1881. Here there has long existed a Jewish printing house; the first known book was published by it in 1776 - There are: a hospital with an

alms-house (since 1899), two loan-saving societies (since 1906), a public Talmud-torah (since 1886; on the average 100 pupils annually);

a library-reading-room (since 1902), one male and one female private Jewish school. The amount of the box collection reaches 5,000 rubles,

of which 500 rubles are allocated for provincial expenses, 150 rubles for the fire society, 100 rubles for the post office and road repair.


Межирич  Velyki Mezhyrichi [Ukr], Mezerich Gadol [Heb], Międzyrzecz [Pol], Mezeritch [Yid], Mezhirichi [Rus], Meseritz, Mezerich Korets,

Mezyrycz Korecki, Międzyrzec Korzecki, Międzyrzecz Korecki, Międzyrzec Wolyn, Mezeritz Gadol, Mezhirech, Mezirici  

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Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  Mezhirich is a town in Volyn province, Rivne district. According to the revision of 1847 “Mezhirichsk 

Jewish society" consisted of 1,808 souls. According to the 1897 census, there were 3,131, among which were 2,107 Jews.


Киликиев  Kilikiyev [Rus, Ukr], Kilikiev, Kilykiiv 

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Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  Killikiyev is a town in Ostrog district of Volyn province. According to the revision of 1847

“Kilik. Heb. society" consisted of 267 souls; in 1897 in K. there were 1,928 inhabitants, among which 576 Jews.