Kurkli - X-18

  • Year: 1916
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Sources on Jewish settlements in this section:


Куркли  Kurkliai [Lith], Kurkil [Yid], Kurkle [Rus, Pol], Kurkla, Kurkliai 2, Kurkliai II 

JewishGen Locality Page

http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/pinkas_lita/lit_00567d.html Yizkor Book


Скемяны  Skiemonys [Lith], Shkumian [Yid], Skemyany [Rus], Skiemiany [Pol], Shkumiyan, Skiyemonis, Skimiani, Skemonių, Skemonis  

JewishGen Locality Page


Аванта  Alanta [Lith], Ovanta [Rus], Avanta [Yid], Owanta [Pol], Alunta, Aluntos, Avunte

JewishGen Locality Page

http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/pinkas_lita/lit_00138.html Yizkor Book


Больники  Balninkai [Lith], Bolnik [Yid], Bolniki [Rus, Pol], Balnik, Bol'niki, Balninku, Bal'ninkay, Balnikų, Balinkai  

JewishGen Locality Page

http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/pinkas_lita/lit_00167.html Yizkor Book


Locations in this section from the gazetteer: Where Once We Walked (2002), Avotaynu Inc.


Zemaitkiemis (Zhujdki)*, Zvirblenai (Zhvirbliantse)*


* As spelled on the map.