Lunno - XVIII-16


Sources on Jewish settlements in this section:


Лунно  Lunna [Rus, Yid], Łunna [Pol, Bel], Lunno, Łonna, Lunavolia

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Волпа  Volpa [Rus], Volp [Yid], Wołpa [Pol], Voŭpa [Bel], Volpos [Lith], Wolpa, Wolpe, Volpe, Woupa, Vovpa

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Россь  Ros' [Rus], Roś [Pol, Bel], Rosh [Yid], Ross' 

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Locations in this section from the gazetteer: Where Once We Walked (2002), Avotaynu Inc.


Vereyki (on the lower margin of the map)