Lyudvipol - XXVIII-22

  • Year: 1910
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Sources on Jewish communities in this section:


Людвиполь  Sosnove [Ukr], Ludwipol [Pol], Lyudvipol' [Rus, before 1946], Sosnovoye [Rus, since 1946], Ludvipol [Yid],

Slisht Gadol [Heb], Ljudwipol, Slishch, Shlisht, Slishch Gadol, Slishtch Gadol, Slutsh-Gadol

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Берёзно  Berezne [Ukr], Bereźne [Pol], Brezhna [Yid], Berëzno [Rus], Beresne [Ger], Berezene, Brezne

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