Pavoloch - XXXII-28


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Паволоч  Pavoloch [Ukr, Rus], Pavalitch [Yid], Pawolotsch [Ger], Pawołocz [Pol], Povoloch, Povoloc, Povelitsh, Pavolitsh

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Попельня  Popel'nya [Rus], Popil'nya [Ukr], Popielnia [Pol], Popil'nja, Popel'naya, Poelnja

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Трилесы  Trilesy [Rus], Trylisy [Ukr, Pol], Triles'ye

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Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  Trilesye is a town in Kiev province, Vasilkovsky district. According to the 1897 census,

there were 4,612 inhabitants, among them 740 Jews.