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  • Year: 1912
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Sources on Jewish settlements in this section:


Россиены   (Raseiniai [Lith], Rasayn [Yid], Rossieny [Rus], Raseinen [Ger], Rosienie [Pol], Raseiņi [Latv], Rasein,

Raseyn, Raseinai, Rasseyn, Resein, Rossein)

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Эржвилки   Erzvilkas [Lith], Erzhvilik [Yid], Erzhvilki [Rus], Erzwiłki [Pol], Erzhvilky, Erzhvilek, Erzvilko, Erzhvilkas, Erjvilki, Erzvėlks

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Немокшты  Nemakščiai [Lith], Nemoksht [Yid], Nemokshty [Rus], Niemokszty [Pol], Niemoniuny, Nemokščiai, Nemakshchyay, Nemakščių

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Видукли  Viduklė [Lith], Widukle [Pol], Vidukli [Rus], Vidukle [Yid], Viduklės

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Locations in this section from the gazetteer: Where Once We Walked (2002), Avotaynu Inc.


Sloboda, Sujainiai