Turov - XXIII-24

  • Year: 1927
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Туровъ  Turov [Rus], Turev [Yid], Turaŭ [Bel], Turów [Pol], Turaw, Toorof 

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Житковичи  Zhytkavichy [Bel], Zhitkovichi [Rus, Yid], Żytkowicze [Pol], Žydkavièy, Jitkovichi 

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Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia  Zhitkovichi - a village of Mozyr uyezd, Minsk province, in exemption from the “Time Rules” of 1882,

opened since 1903 for the free settlement of Jews. In 1897 there were 1,220 inhabitants, among whom 293 were Jews.