Velikaya-Glusha - XXIV-18


Sources on locations in this section from the JewishGen Communities database:


Великая Глуша  (МарйумпольVelyka Hlusha [Ukr], Velikaya GlushaBolshaya Glusha [Rus], Wielka Hłusza [Pol], Lishe [Yid],

Hłusza Wielka, Vel'ka Khlusha, Vel'ka Glusha, Bol'shaya Glusha  

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Малая Глуша Mala Hlusha [Ukr], Malaya Glusha [Rus], Mała Hłusza [Pol], Lishke [Yid], Mala Khlusha, Hłusza Mała  

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Locations in this section from the gazetteer: Where Once We Walked (2002), Avotaynu Inc.


Vohlynia gubernia

     Nevir, Vetly, Svaryn'

Minsk gubernia

     At the lower map margin: Bychov & Derevok


In this map three gubernii ajoin: Vohlynia, Minsk and Grodno. No Jewish settlements in the Grodno part appear.