Vishnevets - XXXII-19

  • Year: 1894
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Вишневец  Vishnevets [Rus], Wiśniowiec [Pol], Vishnivits [Yid], Vyshnivets' [Ukr], Vishnevits, Vishniets, Vishnivitz, Vishnyovyets,

Wisnievicze, Wiśniowiec Nowy, Wisnowiec, Vysnivec  

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Brockhaus-Efron Jewish Encyclopedia   Vyshnevets (Wiszniowiec) - in the era of Polish rule, the town of Volyn Voivodeship, Kremenets

Povet. According to the 1765 census, the qahal totaled 475 Jews. in Old V., 26 in New V. and 163 in the surroundi


Новый Алексинец  Novyy Oleksinets [Rus], Nowy Oleksiniec [Pol], Aleksnitz [Yid], Oleksinets Novy, Olekiniec-Nowy,

Novyy Aleksinets, Nove-Oleksynec', Novyolekcenez

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