All but one of the maps in this section are modern renditions of the former Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth.


Polska i Litwa za Jagielonow (w.XV)  (1929) Ksiaznica Atlas

Poland-Lithuania of Jagiello (15th C.) 



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     Source: http://rcin.org.pl/dlibra/docmetadata?id=29336

Poland in the XV-C.  (1918) Jan Babirecki





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Source: http://rcin.org.pl/dlibra/docmetadata?id=27720

Rzeczpospolita Polska w dobie krolow obieralnych  (1933)  Ksiaznica Atlas

Republic of Poland in the era of royal election 



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Source: http://igrek.amzp.pl/

Wielkie Ksiestwa Litewskiego w polowie XVI wieku  (1928) Jan Jakubowski

The Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the mid-sixteenth century

From the:  Atlas Historyczny Polski.



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Source: http://pbc.biaman.pl/dlibra/docmetadata?id=12205

Carte generale et nouvelle de toutte la Pologne du Grand Duche de Lithuanie et des

pais limitrofes  (1770)  Bartolomeo de Folino



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Source: http://polona.pl/item/8605960/0/

Poland in the XVII-C. (1918) J. Babirecki





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Source: http://rcin.org.pl/dlibra/docmetadata?id=27720

Poland in the year 1771 (1895) J. Babirecki





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 Source: http://rcin.org.pl/dlibra/docmetadata?id=323

Mappa Polski za panowania Stanislawa Augusta w roku 1772 (1849) Orgelbrand

Map of Poland during the reign of Stanislas Augustus in 1772


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Source: http://pbc.biaman.pl/dlibra/docmetadata?id=16479&from=publication

Poland Before Its Partition in 1772 with its Principal Geographic Divisions (1837) Jan Marcin Bansemer


Divisions on this map do not agree perfectly with Babirecki's map above.


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     Courtesy of the Biblioteka Jagiellonska, Cracow.

Polska w dobie rozbiorow 1770-1795 (1928) Ksiaznica Atlas

The Partitions of Poland 1770-1795



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     Source: http://rcin.org.pl/dlibra/docmetadata?id=29328

Pologne en Decadence  (1850)  A.H. Dufour

From the: Atlas de l'ancienne Pologne pour servir a l'etude de la geographie naturelle et historique des pays compris entre la

Mer Baltique et la Mer Noir.




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Source: https://polona.pl/item/39657896/2/